About User Maintenance

User Maintenance refers to managing license allocation and localization settings for SAM users. The User Maintenance page displays SAM license information for your integration.

There are potentially three types of user licenses for each SAM worksheet: Full access (read/write), Read-only, and Manager.
A Manager license allows the user to add Manager's notes and edit the Review By date, but access to all other data is Read-only.

The Manager license type is only applicable to your installation if your product registration agreement includes this type.

The Licenses row in the top table displays the total number of each license type for each worksheet type covered by your product registration.

In some CRMs, Unlimited licensing is available for Unlimited Enterprise clients. This allows every user to access the worksheets without the administrator having to individually license each user.  If this has been enabled for your organization, "Unlimited" will appear for Licenses under the sheet, and "N/A" for Active Users.  The "Active" checkbox does not need to be checked for users with unlimited licensing.



The Active Users row displays the total number of each license type currently assigned to CRM users.

The bottom table displays the CRM users. By default, this page displays all Active CRM users (CRM Active). You can display users as desired by using the following links:

A – Z – Clicking on a particular letter displays users whose last names start with the selected letter.
All – Displays both active and inactive Sales Access Manager users.
Active – Displays all active Sales Access Manager users.

You can also display users with Full SAM access by selecting one of the checkboxes in the desired worksheet column.

From this page, you can perform the following functions:

• Allocate user licenses
• Set user language and format preference
• Export user data to a CSV file


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