User FAQ

User FAQ

When saving a worksheet, why do I get the message, "Cannot validate userid"?

This error occurs when your CRM session has logged you out due to inactivity. Close your Web browser windows and log back into your CRM system to update your worksheet.


Why doesn't the print page appear when I click the printer icon?

All print items require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Ensure you have Acrobat Reader installed. You can download it free at


Why can't I launch a worksheet? Why can't I launch a Green Sheet from a Blue Sheet?

This may occur for the following reasons.

  • You do not have the applicable worksheet license. If you receive a message similar to the following, contact your System Administrator.

  • Your Web browser may not be supported. Check System Requirements to verify the Web browser you are using is supported by SAM.

  • You may need to disable pop up blockers for the CRM Web site and/or the SAM web site. See your Web browser's online help for information on how to disable pop up blockers for a Web site. The SAM Web site to add to  your pop up blocker exceptions list is See your System Administrator for information on your CRM Web site.


When I click a worksheet icon, a Web browser window opens but the page never loads.

For example, if I click the Blue Sheet link, a new window opens and it says Strategic Selling in the header and there is a page loading message way off to the right as in the following figure:

You may be using Internet Explorer in Compatibility View. The SAM worksheet applets are written in HTML5 and HTML5  will not render properly in IE if it is running in Compatibility View mode. Do the following:

  1. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools and disable Compatibility View (if enabled).

  2. If you are running SAM inside an intranet, choose Tools/Compatible View Settings and make sure that Display intranet sites in Compatibility View is disabled.

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