Toolbar Navigation- Platinum Sheet

The toolbar in the top right of the screen allows you to access many features of the sheet.

Fig. 50, Toolbar Navigation

Launch eLearning:

When you click on this icon, a panel will open to provide access to elearning or coaching content.

Fig. 50a, eLearning Panel

 Coaching links will take you to detailed content on the Miller Heiman GroupTM Knowledge Center.  Coaching content may also be accessed by clicking on the section title in desktop mode; in mobile mode, it is accessible through the menu pictured above.

Manager’s Notes:

When you click on this icon, it will provide access to the Manager’s Notes feature.

Fig. 50b, Manager's Notes

 When text has been entered, the icon changes to: 

Additional Notes:


When you click on Additional Notes icon, the Additional Notes panel is accessible for data entry.

Fig. 50c, Additional Notes

 When text has been entered, the icon changes to: 

Print icon:


When you click the Print icon, you will see options for Printing.

 Fig. 50d, Print options


Printing defaults to “ALL” options, and you can unselect any items not desired. Click "Print” to print or click "Close" to close the print window.
Default Printing will print all the data in each section before moving on to the next section.
Overflow Printing will print the blue sheet on the first page with only the amount of data that can fit, and then will print subsequent pages for any data that didn’t fit on the first page.


About icon:


Provides information on the software version.  Click close to close the window.

Help icon:


Accesses this knowledge base.

Save icon:


Allows you to save changes to the sheet.

Exit icon:


Allows you to exit the sheet and return to the CRM.

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