Toolbar Navigation- Sales Process Funnel

The toolbar in the top right of the screen allows you to access features of the tool.

Fig. 77, Sales Process FunnelTM Toolbar

Export Icon:

Allows you to export your selected/filtered data to a .csv file.

Print icon:

When you click the Print icon, you will see a message that says 'Your file is now being generated'.  The file will save in your downloads folder or in the bottom toolbar of your browser, in PDF format.

New Window icon:

Allows you to open a New Window to view the Sales Process FunnelTM with alternative filters/selection, side by side with another window.

About icon:

Provides information on the software version.  Click close to close the window.

Help icon:

Accesses this knowledge base.


To leave the Sales Process FunnelTM tool, simply click off the screen to go back to your Home page, or access Accounts or Opportunities.

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