System Requirements

The following browsers and operating systems are supported:

Fig. 1, Supported browsers and operating systems


So for example, if you are using IE 9 on Windows 7 then you are supported.

With Safari, Chrome and Firefox, the latest versions are supported where indicated.

NOTE: Both Safari and Chrome require a manual refresh by their design.  For Mac users this is the Command+R keys and for PC users Ctrl+5 or F5.

Mobile Devices

Safari Web Browsers – if using a tablet such as an iPad or other mobile device for access, you will use a web browser to access your CRM (if the web browser supports your CRM). Once logged into your CRM, you can launch Sales Access ManagerSM.

If you are having visibility issues with the Sales Access ManagerSM, please ensure that the following URL has been added to your trusted sites:

PLEASE NOTE: Not all mobile device web browsers support HTML 5. Please check with the provider of your mobile device and the version of the web browser and what is supported.


If you select Refresh or Reload in the web browser this will refresh the application. Unfortunately due to the nature of web browsers and scripting, we are unable to refresh the detail view of the record in the CRM and so a manual Reload or Refresh is required to see the updated field changes from the application.


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