Summary of My Position Today

The Summary of My Position Today section displays a summary of the Strengths and Red Flags.


Fig.15, Summary of My Position Today


Strengths that are unique will help the customer differentiate your solution from that of your competition. To be unique, a feature should be something that only you can offer or be offered in a certain way only by you.

A unique strength must be important to the customer, or it is of little value as a differentiating element. Any element of your solution that can reduce risk for the customer can be considered a Strength if it is not an element that can be offered by your competition.

It is only by stressing your Unique Strengths that you make differentiation work in your favor. If you don't provide Strengths by which a Buying Influence can differentiate your product or service, he or she will find a way to differentiate it themselves - and their differentiation may only be made on price.

If your product and/or service is a very close fit to the customer's solution image, it should be listed as a strength. Don't forget to leverage Buying Influences you have rated greater than or equal to a +3.

Remember to utilize "so what" when strategically analyzing a strength.  If it isn't important to the Buying Influences, then perhaps you could think about what is important to them that your organization can offer.

Red Flags

Consider the following automatic Red Flags:

• Missing Information
• Information about which you are uncertain
• Any Buying Influence that has not been contacted
• Any Buying Influence new to their job
• A reorganization or realignment of responsibilities within an organization

Any Buying Influence you have rated as less than or equal to a -3. If there is someone in the account Coaching you, then there is probably someone Coaching your competition as well.

Entering Strengths and Red Flags

Click the Add icon to create a new Strength or Red Flag entry. If the Repository icon is visible in the top right corner of the section, then the "View Suggested Items" option is available for selection of default sets of Strengths or Red Flags. If it is not visible then there are no "Suggested Items" available. Please contact your Sales Leader and System Administrator for availability of the repository.

Fig. 15a, Entering Strengths

Click the "Create Possible Action" check box next to each item to add a Possible Action entry for the Strength or Red Flag.


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