Specify Competitors

Fig. 12, Specify Competitors

Click the Add icon to create a new entry.  If the Repository icon is available for selection of suggested competitors that your organization has identifed.  If it is not visible then there are no "Suggested Items" available.  Please contact your Sales Leader and System Administrator for availability of the repository.

Fig. 12a, editing Specify Competitors

Description- free form text entry describing the competitor (Name of Competitor)
My Position vs. Competition - A list of options that allow you to analyze your current position within the Sales Funnel more effectively, and shows how the customer views your solution when compared to that offered by your competition. 

This is expressed as:

    1. Only Alternative (no other alternative is being considered)
    2. Front Runner (your solution is preferred)
    3. Shared (other alternatives are acceptable)
    4. Zero (there is an alternative solution that is preferred)

Note that competitors can be setup by your SAM Admin to either pull in automatically from the standard competitor table within your CRM, or else to allow for manual input of each competitor by you.  Contact your SAM Administrator for questions regarding the automatic or manual set-up of competitors.


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