Single Sales Objectives

Single Sales Objectives

The Single Sales Objective (SSO) is the focus of any sales call - the product or service you are intending to sell to the customer. The information in the Gold Sheet is a snapshot of the Opportunities that reside within.

The SSO in relationship to the Gold Sheet isn't just one SSO, but all of the SSOs related to this specific account. In relationship to LAMP, Single Sales Objectives contribute to the broader Revenue Targets-above and beyond what you are already receiving form the account as on ongoing revenue stream. To a degree, you can define those broader, one-to-three-year targets by rolling up all your SSOs into an aggregate projection.

Your System Administrator can specify the Opportunities that are displayed in the Single Sales Objectives area of the Gold Sheet by the following criteria:

  • The number of days from the Close Date (default is Close Date + 90 days)
  • Whether or not to include 0% Opportunities (default is to include 0% Opportunities)

A user can choose to include all Closed Opportunities regardless of the number of days past the Close Date by clicking the Include Closed Items checkbox.

If you have implemented Blue Sheets in your SAM installation, a Blue Sheet icon appears next to an Opportunity if that Opportunity has a Blue Sheet associated with it. Clicking this icon launches the Blue Sheet for that Opportunity.

Fig. 47, Single Sales Objective section

To access the Single Sales Objectives:

Click the Single Sales Objectives header to open the section.

The following are descriptions of the fields in this section:

Products - the text description of the Opportunity.

Revenue/Units - the estimated Revenue or units generated by the Opportunity.

Stage - the Sales Stage or Place in the Sales Funnel.

Close Date -  the date by which the Opportunity will close.

Include Closed Items - when this box is checked, closed items will appear on the list.

To sort the Single Sales Objectives:

Use the Sort icon to sort by Products, Revenue, Close Date, Ascending order, Descending order.  Select the radio button that corresponds to the desired sort.  Click Done when you have made your selection.

Fig. 47a, Sort function for SSO section

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