Single Sales Objective

Single Sales Objective

The Single Sales Objective or SSO, is the specific revenue objective or piece of potential business that you anticipate you will secure by calling on this person.  The achievement of that objective may be close or months away, but every time you go into a true sales call, it's the Single Sales Objective that defines why you're there.

Fig. 22, Single Sales Objective

The SSO data auto-populates from the Blue Sheet if one has been defined within the Opportunity.   If an Opportunity Blue Sheet exists, then a Blue Sheet icon appears in the top right corner, which when clicked, launches the Blue Sheet in a separate window.  

Please note, that the Blue Sheet icon will only appear if the following are true:

1. The Green Sheet was launched from the CRM and not from a Blue Sheet

2. The associated Task is attached to an opportunity

3. The Blue Sheet is not open and locked by another user

4. The Blue Sheet was not closed incorrectly and left locked

5. The user is licensed to access a Blue Sheet

There are five distinct criteria that identify the Single Sales Objective:

  1. Product/Service tells you exactly which product or service you intend to sell and how much of it.
  2. Specific, clear and concise SSO that tells you exactly what the objective is and another person can clearly understand it.
  3. Definable and measurable in relationship to units or revenue.
  4. Tied to a time line - a specific date to achieve to close the deal.
  5. A single sales objective not multiple add-ons.

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