Setting Up Multiple Picklists

If you want to set up multiple picklist sets for a Sales Access Manager worksheet, you need to decide what CRM field to use as the trigger for that worksheet. The following are suggested fields to use:

  • Blue Sheet—Opportunity Type, Product Type, Industry, or Customer Type

  • Green Sheet—Call Type, Product Type, Customer Type, or Opportunity Type

  • Gold Sheet or Platinum Sheet—Account Type, Industry, or Territory

To set up multiple picklists:

  1. Create a field in the CRM that will list the desired different Sales Access Manager worksheet types. For example, create a Picklist field on the Opportunity table called Blue Sheet Type that has the values Software, Services, and Design.

  2. In the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool, use the Field Mapping pages to map the CRM field to the applicable Sales Access Manager <Worksheet> Type field (for example, map Blue Sheet Type to Blue Sheet Type).

  3. In the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool, use the Reference Data Maintenance/<Work Sheet> Picklist pages to enter the desired values for each Sales Access Manager picklist.

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