Sales Support Programs

Sales Support Program

A natural outgrowth of your Focus Investments, Sales and Support Programs are generally broader-based (long-term) initiatives that support account development overall. Sales and Support Programs often require the allocation of formerly unbudgeted resources, or the redirection of budgeted ones, to meet the emerging or urgent need in the Field of Play. Sales and Support Programs may result directly in sales, support existing business and enhance relationships or both, and/or actualize Focus Investments.

When you are determining your Sales and Support Programs consider the following questions:

  • How can we capitalize on a Strength or key relationship?
  • What can we do to solve a service problem or provide better service?
  • How can we address the Field of Play's business issues or organization concerns?  What actions should we take?
  • What can we do to make our Focus Investment happen?
  • What additional sales opportunities might exist here?
  • What sales and marketing approaches might we try?
  • What would you do if your job depended upon a 50% increase in revenue from this Field of Play?

Fig. 42, Sales Support Program section

To add a Sales Support Program:

      1. From the Goal Detail Panel, click the Add icon to open the Sales Support Program section.

      2. The following are descriptions of the fields in this dialog:

Description - the text description of the Sales Support Program.   

Contact - an Account contact who may have input on the Sales Support Program

When - the date the Sales Support Program item was created

Assigned To - the person within your organization that will be responsible for the Sales Support Program item

Completed - the date the Sales Support Program item was completed

Status - the status of the Sales Support Program item. The values of this field may vary according to your SAM installation.  Simply select the radio button next to the Status you want to enter.

Type - the priority of the Sales Support Program item. The values of this field may vary according to your SAM installation.  Simply select the radio button next to the Type you want to enter.

      1. Type a description of the Sales Support Program in the Description field.  If the Repository icon is available, you may choose from a list of suggested Sales Support Programs.  Make your selection and then click Done.

      2. To assign a Contact, click the Search icon in the Contact field and do one of the following:

        • If the desired name appears in the list, select the name and proceed to step 7.

        • If the desired name does not appear in the list, select the Search tab and proceed to step 5.

      3. Type the desired search criteria in the First Name, Last Name, or Account field and click Go.

Fig. 42a, Contact search

6.  From the list of items that match the search criteria, select the desired contact to populate the Contact field.

7.  Complete the other fields as desired.

8.  When you have completed entering the desired data, click Done to save and close the section, or click the Add icon again to add another Sales Support Program.

To delete a Sales Support Program:

      1. In the Sales Support Program section, click the desired Sales Support Program and click the Trash Can icon. A message box appears asking you to confirm the deletion.

      2. Click Yes to delete or No/Cancel to cancel.

To edit an existing Sales Support Program:

In the Goal's Detail Panel, click in the entry and edit the text inline.  Click Done when you have completed. 

​To enter a date for When and Completed:

In the section you are editing, click on the calendar icon next to When or Completed.  This will open a calendar tool that allows you to select the date.

Fig. 42b, Calendar icons

Fig. 42c, Calendar tool

Click the X to the right of the calendar when you have selected the date.  The date will appear in the text field.

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