Sales Process Funnel Overview

Welcome to Sales Process FunnelTM

What is Sales Process FunnelTM?

The Sales Process FunnelTM tool  provides organizations with a method for analyzing opportunities within the sales funnel and for identifying ideal salesperson behaviors that will enhance sales performance. This tool can enable sales management and senior leadership to:

  • Identify whether opportunities are placed in the right funnel stages based on established criteria.
  • Improve forecast accuracy and funnel management.
  • Identify coaching opportunities to help teams and individuals create a steadier stream of prospects to move through the funnel.

How It Works

Sales Process FunnelTM works in tandem with the Funnel ScoreCard® tool and optionally with the Strategic Selling® Strategic Analysis (Blue Sheet) tool. CRM users complete a Funnel ScoreCard® for their existing opportunities. The Total Score from the Funnel ScoreCard® together with the opportunity's Close Date, Revenue, Stage, Number of Days in Stage, and Number of Days Open determine where the opportunity appears in the Sales Process FunnelTM based on customized threshold definitions set by your system administrator. The Sales Process FunnelTM also displays customized action prompts based on your sales organization's selling process and the customer's buying process.

The Sales Process FunnelTM is a visual dashboard showing all selected opportunities as “bubbles” and is used by managers to assess the state of their sales funnel.  There is no data entry involved in using the Sales Process FunnelTM; it is a display of data that exists in the CRM- you are simply selecting Funnel filters and Opportunity filters to examine particular sets of data.  The Sales Process Funnel™ is accessed via a tab in your CRM system, typically displayed on the top toolbar in your CRM.

Fig. 76, Sales Process Funnel Overview

These are the elements of the Sales Process FunnelTM:

1. Funnel Filter - This shows the date range of your funnel.

2. SPF Amount - This shows the SPF Amount, SPF Factored Amount and SPF Current Volume at a glance.

3. Opportunity Filter - This shows how many of your opportunities you are viewing within your sales funnel.

4. Your Sales Process Stages - This shows the different stages that your organization follows in your sales process/cycle.

5. Probability % - This shows the attributed probability of each stage that is the benchmark decided upon by your organization.

6. Selling Actions - This shows the selling actions by sales process stage.  These are defined by your organization.

7. Customer Actions - This shows the customer actions by sales process stage.  These are defined by your organization.

8. The Sales Process Funnel - This shows at a glance the opportunities within the Sales Process FunnelTM and where any issues are that need actions.  Green indicates the opportunity is on track.  Red indicates one or more of the opportunity details is off track.  A Blue border around the bubble indicates there is an associated blue sheet.  The larger the bubble, the greater the revenue.  The number inside the bubble is the score from the Funnel Scorcard® for that opportunity.  Clicking on a bubble will open the Opportunity Detail window.

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