Platinum Sheet Overview

Channel Partner ManagementSM and the Platinum Sheet

Channel Partner Management and the Platinum Sheet planning tool facilitate strategy alignment for organizations that go to market through an indirect channel. Organizations implement a process to define goals, minimize vulnerabilities, and establish commitments. This program offers a method for prioritizing channel partners based on the potential of the partnership and for aligning objectives for enhanced performance.

The Platinum Sheet is launched from the account record in CRM.

Fig. 49, Platinum Sheet Overview

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1. Details - Displays a summary of the basic information from your CRM.

2. Action Plan - Contains additional actions that will support you in accomplishing your goal.

3. Team Members - Shows the team members involved.

4. Channel Focus Alignment - View of how you and your partner are aligned as to the desired focus of your partnership.

5. Strategy - This section contains the Channel Partner Statement and Goals.

6. Key Players - Consists of individuals within the account or associated with the account that have a specific Role within the Channel Partnership for the account;

7. Sales and Support Programs - A natural outgrowth of your Focus Investments, Sales and Support Programs are generally broader-based (long-term) initiatives that support account development overall;

8. Possible Actions - List of all of your possible actions prior to determining your Best Possible Action Plan;

9. Situation Appraisal - This section tracks information regarding the Trends, Opportunities, Strengths, and any Vulnerabilities;

10. Focus Investments - The concentration of resources directly related to achieving one or more of your Goals and thus of improving your position within the Channel Partnership;

11. Best Possible Actions - Supports all the elements under the Situation Appraisal and analysis segments of the Channel Partner Management process including the realization of your Revenue Targets;

12. Revenue Target - The sales results that your team believes can be achieved in the account;

13. Stop Investments - Help you identify those areas in which your current resource investment is not paying off and to work in conjunction with the account to cut back in those areas.

When using the Platinum Sheet on your mobile device then the responsive view is displayed as:

Fig. 49a,  Responsive Platinum Sheet

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