Our Strategic Strengths

Our Strategic Strengths

The first criterion of finding a strategic Strength is determining its value by the customer, which ultimately comes from Miller Heiman's precepts in Conceptual Selling "that nobody buys a product in and of itself; they buy what they think the product will do for them." In this interpretation, "product" is broadly used. Strengths are found beyond your organizations products and services. Your company's core competencies, its brand, its reputation in the market, its delivery options are all sources of strengths.  But only if the custom perceives them as accomplishing something of value.

Furthermore, solutions do not have inherent value any more than products do. When creating your Strengths match each Strength to an account Opportunity, which are issues or needs driving the Large Account's (no your) business. A true strategic Strength helps with the driving. It usually helps the customer fix or accomplish something that registers high on his radar screen. It may also serve to ameliorate a problem or eliminate a risk in which case you'd be leveraging your Strength against a customer Red Flag.

Differentiation, the last criterion ensures that in providing value to your customers, you don't neglect your own. The long-standing philosophy of "Win-Win" specifically relates in relationship building. You want to win, meaning winning out against someone else. The competitive differentiators, which provide you with measurable competitive advantage, are a true strategic Strength, not just a value that the Field of Play sees your company con provide, but one that it sees you can provide better than the competition.

Fig. 35, Our Strategic Strengths section

To add a Strength:

      1. Click the Add icon to open the Strengths section.

      2. Do one of the following:

        • Type the desired Strength text in the Description field and click Done to save and close the section; or, to add another Strength, simply click the Add icon.

        • If there is a selection list of possible Strengths available, click the Repository icon, select a Strength, and click Done.

To delete a Strength:

      1. Click the desired Strength and click the Trash Can icon. A message box appears asking you to confirm the deletion.

      2. Click Yes to delete or No/Cancel to cancel.

To edit an existing Strength:

Click in the entry and edit the text inline.  When complete, click Done.

Initially you may choose to leave Strengths blank.  Remember to add a Red Flag  in any field left blank or if you are unsure about your choice until such time as a confirmation is made.

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