Our Critical Vulnerability

Our Critical Vulnerability

Vulnerabilities should be considered as significant weaknesses, if left unprotected they could cripple your strategy. Use the following criteria uncover and neutralize Vulnerabilities:

  • A Vulnerability is serious.  More than a Red Flag that you might be able to work around, a Vulnerability is something that if left unattended to, can do significant damage to your strategic position within the Field of Play.
  • A Vulnerability implies mission value.  It usually entails a lack of knowledge, capabilities, resources or something else that is critical to the relationship, and that the Field of Play sees as adding value.

  • Even though a Vulnerability may be hidden, if key people in your Field of Play were aware of it, they would see it as a serious problem.

Fig. 36, Our Critical Vulnerability section

To add a Critical Vulnerability:

Do one of the following:

      • Click in the Our Critical Vulnerability field and type the desired text directly in the field.  Click off the section when complete.

      • If there is a selection list of possible Vulnerabilities available, click the Repository icon, select a Vulnerability, and click Done.

To edit or delete a Critical Vulnerability:

 Click in the text field and edit/delete text, as appropriate.

Initially you may choose to leave Our Critical Vulnerability blank. Remember to add a Red Flag in any field left blank or if you are unsure about your choice, until such time as a confirmation is made.

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