Opportunity Relationships Overview

Opportunity Relationship Map

What is a Relationship Map?

The Relationship Map is a tool that helps you visualize the relationships between key decision makers involved in your opportunities. For each opportunity, you can identify the contacts that are involved and their Buying Influence role(s). You can then define reporting structure relationships and who-influences-whom relationships between those contacts.

How it Works

The Relationship Maps contact data and the Buying Influences data in the associated Blue Sheet for an opportunity are linked. If you define a Buying Influence in the Blue Sheet, Relationship Maps will display that contact. If you remove a contact from Relationship Maps, that contact is removed from the Blue Sheet Buying Influences. The converse of both of these examples is also true.

The Relationship Maps tool uses a drag-and-drop interface to position contacts and define relationships. A CRM user can create a visual contact map in minutes.

The Opportunity Relationship Map is an organization chart used to identify the key players for an opportunity, and is launched from the opportunity record from your CRM:

Fig. 64, Opportunity Relationship Map Overview

Defining Contact Relationships

You can define subordinate-to-manager relationships and who-influences-whom relationships between contacts.  The connections lines are dynamic and move with the contact boxes as you position the contact boxes on the map.

Click and hold the left mouse button on the gray dot above the subordinate's box, drag it over the manager's box, and release the mouse button.  A black line connects the two boxes.

To Define an Influence Relationship

Click and hold the left mouse button on the red dot above the influencer's box, drag it over the applicable box, and release the mouse button.  A red arrow points to the box of the person who is influenced.

Within the Opportunity Relationship Map you can add or remove a contact using the + / - buttons in the top left of the screen.
On the right hand side you can lock and unlock the links between contacts, select, drag and fit the opportunity relationship map on the screen.
There are zoom controls too to zoom in and out on the map.

When using the Opportunity Relationship Map on your mobile device then the responsive view is displayed as:

Fig. 64a, Responsive Opportunity Relationship Map

When using Relationship maps on a mobile device, you will not have access to the visual version of the chart.  Instead, you will see the Buying Influences, the BI's manager and who influences them.

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