Opportunity Details

The Opportunity Details section displays a summary of the basic opportunity information from your CRM including Close Date, Sales Person (Owner), Account Name, Current and Potential Volume, and Single Sales Objective (Product, Revenue, and Close Date).

Fig. 10, Opportunity Details

All fields are set to "Read In from the CRM", except for the Current and Potential Volume fields. Their default setting is to "Write Out to the CRM."

If the SAM Administrator has changed the existing mapping, the Revenue and Close Date fields may be bidirectional instead. In this case, if the field is updated in either the Blue Sheet or on the base opportunity in the CRM/SFA it will be updated in both situations depending on the changes made by the user whether it is in the Blue Sheet or on the opportunity record.

If your System Administrator has changed default setting for the following fields, they will become bidirectional and may be updated within the Opportunity Edit View or on the Blue Sheet. Please verify your organizational settings with your SAM Admin.

Current Volume:  Input data in the field with the current level of sales expressed in currency, units or volume.
The value is the current level of sales for this customer, not including this Single Sales Objective.

Potential Volume: Input data in the filed with the potential future level of sales as expressed in currency, units or volume.

The value includes:

• Current Sales Volume;
• The Volume Associated with this Single Sales Objective;
• The Volume Represented by any other Single Sales Objectives of which you are aware;
• The Future Volume you could reasonably expect this customer to generate.

Unless your SAM Admin has set up custom fields within your CRM/SFA, the Current Volume and Potential Volume fields will only show up in the Blue Sheet. If you desire to have the information also in your CRM/SFA system, please contact your SAM Admin.


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