Version 6.0: New Sheet Features

What's New?

The new version of Sales Access ManagerSM has been designed to improve the user experience, and includes a number of key improvements with responsive design to work easily on mobile, tablet and smartphone devices. This means you will be able to use Sales Access ManagerSM while on the go, allowing you to quickly and easily update your information.

New Sheet Features

1. New Miller Heiman GroupTM logo

2. CRM Refresh pop-up message has been changed to: "Your data has been saved, however this browser cannot automatically display your changes. Please manually refresh your screen to see your changes in the CRM"

3. Ability to send an email notification to an Assignee when a task is created as a best action from the Blue and Gold Sheets

4. Enhanced print options allow printing in two formats:

• Default printing - prints all the data for each section in its entirety before the next section

• Overflow printing – prints the entire sheet (Blue, Green, Gold, Platinum) on one page with only the amount of data that will fit for each section, then subsequent pages print each section in its entirety. So any data that didn’t appear on first page, over flows onto subsequent pages

5. Separate Author and Owner field for all Sheets: 

• Author is read only and displays the person who created the Sheet

• Owner is the CRM owner of the Acct/Opportunity/Task

6. Contact lists sort by first name. Contact lists are located under Buying Influences in the Blue/Green Sheet and the Strategic Players in the Gold/Platinum Sheets & Relationship Maps.

7. Compatible with Salesforce Lightning built on the Salesforce 1 platform. See the training videos provided to your Salesforce administrator for detail on how to access Miller Heiman GroupTM tools in the Lightning User Interface.


Fig. 2, Where to switch to Salesforce Lightning




Fig. 3, Lightning overview



Fig. 4, Using Lightning


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