Sales Process Funnel - Version 6.0 New Features


1. Sales Process Funnel™ now allows a total of 10 user-defined opportunity filters.

2. Sales Process Funnel™ now allows the display of more than 100 opportunities.

3. Fit to Screen is now selected by default.

4. Fit to screen selection is saved so the same view is displayed when you relaunch.

5. Sales Process Funnel™ Filter now allows for multi selection of Opportunity “Owner”.  

6. The header labels can be customized and the header fields can be mapped in from any standard or custom numeric or current type opportunity field.  This allows your Sales Process Funnel™ to display totals based on amounts or volume.  

7. Opportunity Details now include Last Action with the date it was completed and Next Action with the date it is scheduled for.  Last Action is the last completed task or action from the Best action list based on the Date/Time it was marked as completed.  Next Action is whatever is defined in the Best Action List from this date.  If there are two on the same date, then select the first one in the data list.                                                                       

8. Inactive users no longer appear in the Sales Process Funnel™ drop-down list of owners.  

9. Sales Process Funnel™ exports to excel, using the ‘Export to .csv’ function.

10.  Ability to map in “Volume” in place of Revenue in the Sales Process Funnel™ and new additional map-able field added.   

  •     The top existing Revenue field is map-able in the Admin function as either a revenue or non-revenue field from the opportunity record.  
  •     A new additional revenue/numeric field has been added which is map-able in the Admin function.  
  •     Both labels for these two fields plus the “Factored Revenue” label can be customized in the Admin.  

PLEASE NOTE: Factored Revenue remains a calculated field based on the first revenue field multiplied by the Probability % for the current Stage of the Opportunity.

To view a video of Sales Process Funnel in Version 6.0, play the video below:

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