Blue Sheet - Version 6.0 New Features

New Features include:

1. Manager Notes – the ability to have/add more text entry fields with user-defined labels.

2. Buying Influence - the ability to add a placeholder for Economic Buying Influence (EBI) that automatically inserts a red flag.

The Buying Influence section allows a blank name, role, or rating in the Buying Influence object.  Previously the name & role were both required, but now either the name or the role can be left blank as a placeholder – one of these will always be required though, and records with a blank name or role will only remain in the applet and cannot be written out to the CRM.  Upon saving the Blue Sheet, if there is no EBI, an alert prompts the user with "No EBI has been identified, would you like to add an unknown EBI to your strategic plan?" If Yes is selected, then a red flag is added to the blank Name field of the BI and the role defaults to "E".

3. The Blue Sheet allows a user to choose the type of object (Action or Event) a Best Action / Green Sheet will be associated with.  A user can only select the record type when creating a new item and this gets locked once linked with CRM record.  


Fig. 5, Blue Sheet CRM Activity Type

To view a video of the Blue Sheet functionality in Version 6.0, play the video below:

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