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  1. Field of Play Strategic Player Mapping

    The FOP Strategic Player Field Mapping is the same as the Strategic Player Mapping, except it pertains to the custom FOP object which allows multiple Gold Sheets to be saved to an Account. 1. To access the ..FOP Strategic Player Mapping functionali...
  2. Field of Play Mapping

    You can enable more than one Gold Sheet for an Account to accommodate Fields of Play. For example, an Account might be divided geographically into West Coast and East Coast Fields of Play. In this scenario, you could set up two Gold Sheets for one a...
  3. Sales Process Funnel Selection Sorting and Defaults

    You can define the order in which you would like the Sales Process Funnel custom filters to display. 1. At the SAM Admin Tool Main Menu, click Reference Data Maintenance. The Reference Data Maintenance page is displayed. 2. Select the Funnel ...
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