Modifying a Funnel Scorecard®

Modifying a Funnel ScoreCard®

As you pursue an opportunity, you may find Yes or No answers to previously Unknown responses to Funnel ScoreCard® questions. Alternatively, you may want to reverse Yes or No responses. You can edit a Funnel ScoreCard® as desired. If your organization's Funnel ScoreCard® tool is integrated with Blue Sheets and/or the Sales Process Funnel tool, any modified scores are immediately visible in those tools.

To modify a Funnel ScoreCard:

  1. Open the applicable Funnel ScoreCard®.

  2. Click the corresponding toggle button until it displays your desired response to a question. The toggle cycles through Unknown, Yes, and No.

  3. Continue modifying question answers as desired.

  4. When you have finished answering the questions, click Save and then Exit.

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