Lock Manager

Sales Access Manager can lock a record when the user times out or closes their browser incorrectly. The lock does not lock out the user who caused the lock—it only locks out other users.

The Lock Manager menu item only appears in the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool Main Menu if you enable record locking for your organization via the Organization Options page.

The Lock Manager has three menu options:

  • Opportunity / Blue Sheet Locks

  • Account / Gold Sheet Locks

  • Activity / Green Sheet Locks

Each <Work Sheet> Lock Manager page displays locked Sales Access Manager records (if any) and allows you to unlock them if necessary.

To unlock a record:

  1. In the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool Main Menu, click Lock Manager. The Lock Manager page appears.


The <Entity> Lock Manager page displays the following fields:




Displays the Unlock link.


Displays the worksheet with which the locked record is associated.


Displays the Opportunity ID for the locked record.


Displays the CRM User Name of the user who was using the record when it was locked.

Lock Time

Displays the timestamp of when the lock occurred.

Last Save

Displays the timestamp of when the worksheet was last saved.

  1. Click the Unlock link next to the applicable record. A message appears indicating that unlocking the record will result in any unsaved data being unrecoverable.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click Back to discontinue the unlocking process.

    • Click the Click here link to continue the unlocking process.

The Lock Manager page reappears.

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