Localizing Picklist Values

You can add picklist data in all languages supported by your integration. You must enable the multi-language Organization Option to be able to localize picklists.

To enter picklist values in a different language:

  1. At the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool Main Menu, click the Reference Data Maintenance link. The Reference Data Maintenance menu appears.

  2. Click the desired <Worksheet>Reference Data link (for example, Blue Sheet Reference Data). The <Worksheet> Reference Data menu appears.

  3. Click the Edit link next to the desired field picklist (for example, Customer Criteria). The <Picklist name> page appears.

  4. Select the desired language using the drop-down list and click Change. If no data exists for the selected language, the page appears blank. If data exists for the selected language, the page displays the data.

  5. Type the picklist data in the selected language for each applicable <worksheet> type.

  6. When you have completed entering data for the language, click Save.

  7. Repeat steps 3 – 6 to enter data in another language.

  8. Open the applicable worksheet applet as a user with the applicable language preference and make sure your changes appear.

When you access a picklist edit page in the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool, the last language set accessed appears on initial view. For example, if you were working on the Spanish Latin set and then exited to the Main Menu, the system will display the Spanish Latin set the next time you access that particular picklist edit page.

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