Key Players

Key Players

Key Players consists of individuals within the account or associated with the account that have a specific Role within the Channel Partnership for the account.

Fig. 53, Key Players section, collapsed

To add a Key Player:

      1. Click theAdd icon in the Key Players section to open the Key Player section.

Fig. 53a, Key Player section, open

      1. Click the Search icon in the Name field and do one of the following:

        • If the desired name appears in the list, select the name and proceed to step 5.

        • If the desired name does not appear in the list, select the Search tab and proceed to step 3.

      2. Type the desired search criteria in the First Name, Last Name, or Account field and click Go.

      3. From the list of items that match the search criteria, select the desired team member to populate the name field.

      4. Click the radio button next to the desired role. The following are the available Roles:

        1. Executive Sponsor - The person who gives final approval to buy your product or service.

        2. Marketing Player - A person who markets and sells products/services.

        3. Logistical Player - A person who ensures supportability.

        4. Strategic Coach - A person who has high credibility, supports your efforts, and offers ways to improve your position.

        5. Anti-Sponsor - A type of Key Player who has a high level of authority and influence and seeks to negate your efforts.

      1. Click Done.

To delete a Key Player:

      1. In the Key Player section, click the desired Key Player name and click the Trash can icon. A message box appears asking you to confirm the deletion.

      2. Click Yes to delete or No/Cancel to cancel.

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