Ideal Customer Profile

Note: If your organization is using the Funnel ScoreCard® tool, you will not see the Ideal Customer Profile section in your Blue Sheet.

The Ideal Customer Profile section is a predictive device to help you determine which customers will be your best prospects and to distinguish them from the ones who will prove to be liabilities.

It is also used to gauge the probability of success for Single Sales Objectives within an individual account.

Fig. 13, Ideal Customer Profile, with rating options open


The criteria are established by your sales department to rank the possibility of establishing a successful long term relationship with a prospective customer. For individuals who work with one specific account, the criteria may be established to evaluate the probability of success for particular Single Sales Objectives within that account.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ideal Customer Criteria set is defined within the SAM Admin panel, initially from a "department" field. However, multiple sets may be established to manage different types of opportunities whether they are geographically or product/service oriented. Check with your SAM Admin and system administrator for more information on how the Ideal Customer Criteria are set-up.

To select a Rating, click on 'None' to open the Rating options. Then select your rating from the list.


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