Icons and their Functions- Gold Sheet

Icons and Their Functions

Flag Mode:

Clicking this icon activates Flag Mode.  This allows you to identify strengths or red flags in each section of the sheet.

Sort icon:

Click to sort the rows. First click sorts by ascending order, the  second click sorts by descending order, and the third click removes the sort.

Repository icon:

This icon displays if your organization has added a list of suggested items for the section.  Select any item that appears in the list to add it to your blue sheet.

Add icon:

Click this icon to add a new item or enter data in the section.

Move icon:


This icon will appear next to a row of data that you have entered.  To move an item and change it’s order, click on this icon and drag the item to a new row position in the section.

Trash can icon:

The trash can icon will appear if you open a row and do not enter any data.  You will be prompted to delete the row by clicking the trash can.


After you have entered data in a section that has multiple entries available, you can click Done to exit the section.

Single select lists:

When the selections are radio buttons, it indicates one selection may be made.


Clicking on the magnifying glass will open a search function.  The window will first display any contacts associated with the account, by default.

Fig. 30, Contacts List

To go to Search, click on the Search tab.  Enter a first name, last name, or account.  You may also search using the first letter of any of the search choices.  Then click Go.

Fig. 30a, Search

Calendar tool icon:

This icon provides access to a calendar tool so you can select dates for certain items in the gold sheet.

Click on the icon to open the calendar and select the desired date.  Click the X to close the tool.

Fig. 30b, Calendar Tool

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