How to Map a Field

You can map SAM data fields to custom or standard CRM database fields. If you are mapping to custom fields, do the following before mapping the fields:

To map a field:

  1. In the desired Field Mapping page (for example, the Blue Sheet Mapping page), click the Edit link next to the desired field. The Edit page for that field appears. The following figure displays an example of a Field Edit page.

The Edit page will only display options that are available for the selected field. For example, if a field can only be mapped as read in, the Write back to CRM? field will not be displayed in the Edit page.

  1. Click the drop-down arrow button in the CRM Field and select the CRM field to which you want to map the selected worksheet field.

If you do not see the desired CRM field in the drop-down list, try
refreshing the field list.

  1. Select the desired field mapping options and click Save. The Field Mapping page appears.

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