Green Sheet Overview

Conceptual Selling® customer-Focused Interactions Meeting Plan

The Green Sheet is an electronic version of the Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions Meeting Plan you learned how to use in Conceptual Selling®. The Green Sheet was designed to assist you in managing and planning your sales calls.  It has an easy to use, intuitive user interface, while linking to your organization's customer relationship / sales force automation / contact management system to enable swifter data input.

The Green Sheet is launched from the task or event record in CRM, or from a Blue, Gold, or Platinum Sheet in the “Best Actions” section. 

Fig. 19, Green Sheet Overview

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1. Details - Displays a summary of the basic opportunity information from your CRM.

2. Company Attendees - Individuals within your organization that will be attending the sales call, whether over the phone or in person.

3. Single Sale Objective - Specific revenue objective or piece of potential business that you anticipate you will secure by calling on this person.

4. Getting Started - The top portion of the Getting Started section allows for input of the Buying Influences associated with this meeting.

5. Getting Information - The Getting Information section allows for input of Confirmation questions, New Information questions and Attitude questions.

6. Valid Busines Reason - Something that gives a potential buyer a reason for wanting to spend some of their valuable time in a meeting with you.

7. Getting Commitment - The Getting Commitment section allows you to determine the type of commitment you will get from the customer as a result of the meeting, by planning commitment questions, and defining the best and minimum action acommitments.

8. Credibility - This section allows you to input data concerning the Buying Influence's perception that you, your company and your products have the possibility of providing a solution to their perceived business problem and are worthy of belief and trust.

9. Giving Information - This section allows you to input the unique strengths that make your solution significantly different from those being offered by your competition.

10. Golden Silence / Remember to stay joint venture - A reminder to use the Golden Silence technique and a Joint Venture approach to your meeting, as you learned in Conceptual Selling®.

When using the Green Sheet on your mobile device then the responsive view is displayed as:

Fig. 19a, Responsive Green Sheet

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