Gold Sheet Overview

Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP®)

The online Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP®) Strategic Account Analysis Worksheet (Gold Sheet) looks almost exactly like the Gold Sheet in your training course with the additon of the navigation icons and other integration features.

The Gold Sheet is designed to assist you in managing your long-term account relationship and is launched from the account record in your CRM.  Using the Gold Sheet will increase your productivity as well as improve your ability to effectively manage your long-term account relationships:

Fig. 28, Gold Sheet Overview

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1. Details - Displays a summary of the basic information from your CRM.

2. Selling Organization Team - The Selling Organization Team consists of individuals within your own organization that have a specific role within the Field of Play for the account.

3. Field of Play Strategic Players - Consists of individuals within your Large Account or associated with your Large Account that have a specific Role within the Field of Play for the account.

4. Field of Play's Trends - Any change in your Field of Play's market, its customer base, the behavior of those customer's' or the business environment that is significant to the account.

5. Field of Play's Opportunities - Like Trends, Opportunities can exist "out there," in the account's immediate environment or in the market at large, or they can be internal within the account.

6. Our Strategic Strengths - Shows your strategic strengths.  A strategic strength is something that, when leveraged, helps the Field of Play achieve an Opportunity. 

7. Our Critical Vulnerability - Shows your organization's critical vulnerability.  A critical vulnerability is a weakness that, if not remedied, could cripple your strategy.

8. Position on the Buy-Sell Hierarchy - The Buy-Sell Hierarchy is a visual method for thinking about long-term account relationships and their value to the buying organization.

9. Charter Statement - Shows our charter statement, which is the essence of your long-term strategy with a particular account.  It reflects what you'd like the account to look like two to three years out.

10. Goals - A goal links a Strategic Player to an Opportunity (or problme) achieving a change in perception by leveraging a Strategic Strength.

The sections of the worksheet that summarize the Situation Appraisal are: Selling Organization Team, Field of Play Strategic Players, Field of Play's Trends, Field of Play's Opportunities, Our Strategic Strengths, Our Critical Vulnerability.

The sections of the worksheet that assist you in formulating your Strategy are:  Position on the Buy-Sell Hierarchy, Charter Statement, Goals, Best Actions, Revenue Targets, Single Sales Objectives, Additional Actions.

When using the Gold Sheet on your mobile device then the responsive view is displayed as:

Fig. 28a, Responsive Gold Sheet

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