About Goals

Goals are incremental stages toward better points of value. In order to actualize your Channel Partnership Statement, your Goals have to be realistic and tied in precisely to your Channel Partner perceptions.

Fig. 57, Goals section

Goal Section

When you click the Add icon in the Goals section of the Platinum Sheet, the Goal section opens.

Fig. 57a, Goals section, open

You can enter data in the following sections in this dialog:

Goal Description

A Goal links a Key Player to an Opportunity (or problem) achieving a change in perception by leveraging a Strength. 

To add a Goal Description:

      1. In the Goals section, click the Add icon to open the Goals section.

      2. Click in the Goal Description field and type the desired text directly in the field and click Done to save and close the section or click on the Add icon again to add another Goal Description.

To delete a Goal:

      1. In the Goals section, click the desired Goal and click the Trash can icon. A message box appears asking you to confirm the deletion.

      2. Click Yes to delete or No/Cancel to cancel.

To edit an existing Goal Description:

Click in the entry and edit the text inline.  Click done when you have completed.

Focus Investment

Focus Investments are the concentration of resources directly related to achieving one or more of your Goals and thus of improving your position within the Channel Partnership.  For more instruction on entering these, please see Focus Investments.

Stop Investment

Stop Investments help you identify those areas in which your current resource investment is not paying off and to work in conjunction with the account to cut back in those areas. Stop Investments refer to any business situation where you have been dedicating time, effort, people, or other resources, and the investment, as your team calculates it, is not paying off. For more instruction on entering these, please see Stop Investments.

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