About Goals

Goals are incremental stages toward better points of value. In order to actualize your Charter Statement, your Goals have to be realistic and tied in precisely to your Large Account's perceptions.  A Goal is a qualitative position that the Large Account endorses and validates.  Goals in sequence should help to improve your position in the Buy-Sell Hierarchy.

Goals should be specific and written in a client-centered formula, whereby the sentence structure emphasizes how clients see you.  This formula also forces account teams to devise Goals that have a good chance of addressing clients' Opportunities and leveraging the supplying company's own strategic Strengths.

The Goal Statement formula consists of the following points:

      • Be one of the following - seen, known, acknowledged, or recognized

      • By Whom  - the Field of Play Strategic Players

      • As -  a supplier, partner, consultant or expert

      • What the Field of Play players accomplished  - who helped achieve (a specific Opportunity) through (a Strength)

As a goal is a qualitative rather than quantitative statement, it will probably take a year or more to achieve and is best stated from the account's point of view. Questions to check when writing or reviewing your Goal Statements are:

      • Does this Goal align with the Field of Play's mission and immediate needs?

      • does it help to further the achievement of a specific Opportunity, as defined by the Field of Play?

      • Which of our strategic Strengths will be brought to bear on the accomplishment of this Goal.

      • Which Opportunity will that Strength help to address?

      • Is this Goal realistically achievable in the next several months, give our current position on the Buy-Sell Hierarchy?  If it's achieved, will our position improve or at least remain secure, if that's where we want it to be?

      • Which Strategic Player(s) will feel that we have served their best interests if this Goal is accomplished?

      • How will accomplishing this Goal help to actualize our Charter Statement?

      • Is the Goal written in language that the Field of Play understands?

Fig. 39, Goals

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