Funnel Filter

Filtering the Funnel

When you open Sales Process FunnelTM for the first time, the view defaults to display opportunities with Close Dates from today's date onward. If you have previously saved a Funnel view and were working with that view when you closed Sales Process FunnelTM, that view is displayed the next time you open Sales Process FunnelTM.

You can filter the view by opportunity Close Date and opportunity Owner. You can also save view settings to quickly access commonly used criteria.

To filter the funnel:

1.  Click anywhere in the Funnel Filter box in the top-left corner of the view.  The Funnel Filter panel will open on the left side of the screen.

The following are explanations of the items in this dialog box:

Saved Views

Lists any views that you have previously saved. This list becomes scrollable when there are more than five saved views. To re-order the view list, you can click the three line navigation icon next to a view name and drag the view to the desired location in the Saved Views list.


Resets the filter. This allows you to adjust the filter settings as desired without affecting a saved view and/or create a new saved view.


Saves the selected Close Date range and Owner settings in a new view.


Deletes the selected view from the Saved Views list.

Close Date

Limits the Funnel view to opportunities with a Close Date within the specified criteria. Options are Current Month, Current Quarter, Current Year, and Date Range. Date Range allows you to use pop-up calendars to select a desired range.


Limits the Funnel view to opportunities belonging to a specific CRM user. You can expand your CRM User name to select owner names from your direct reports.

NOTE for Oracle on Demand users only:
Opportunities with a probability of 0% or 100% will not appear in the Sales Process Funnel. Change the opportunity's probability to a value between 0 and 100 to display the desired opportunity in the Sales Process Funnel.

  1. Click Reset.

  2. Click the desired Close Date radio button. If you choose Date Range, use the calendar tool to populate the desired date range.

  3. To filter by a specific Owner, click the Owner checkbox, expand your CRM user name, and click on the desired CRM user.

  4. Click APPLY. The Sales Process Funnel displays the opportunity bubbles that meet the selected criteria. If more than 100 opportunities meet the selected criteria, a message may appear indicating that there are too many opportunities and for your to refine the opportunity criteria. Your CRM administrator has the abiliyt to allow more than 100 opportunites in the display.  See Filtering Opportunities in the Funnel.

  5. When you are done selecting your filter, click CLOSE to close the Funnel Filter panel.

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