Field of Play's Trends

Field of Play Trends

A Trend is any change in you Field of Play's market, its customer base, the behavior of those customer's' or the business environment that is significant to the account. Trends can be up, down or constant.  Additionally, ongoing Trends are fundamental patterns that impact the account over time.  The time element is essential, and if it is not taken into consideration, it is difficult to identify a "so-called" Trend, which can simple be a transient shift in customer interest.  

One type of Trend is related to a direct significant impact on the way account relationships are managed today versus ten years ago. However, other Trends that are equally significant and not so obvious, but are directly tied in to the relationship management are widespread economic Trends that change over time. For example, increased foreign competition in both markets and jobs. Globalization of markets, supply chains, and manufacturing bases. The major increase in virtual businesses and virtual offices, and so on.

Trends exist whether the Field of Play recognizes a Trend or not as important and whether they choose to follow the Trend or resist it. However, very often Trends serve to trigger an event or condition that obligates the Field of Play to take quick action.

Questions that assist in evaluating the appropriate Trends and/or Opportunities are:

      1. Which changes in market dynamics (Trends) are having the most significant impact on your Field of Play environment?

      2. Have these Trends been in existence for a least a couple of years?

      3. How is your Field of Play reacting to those Trends and what issues or business needs (Opportunities) are being driven, positively or negatively, by these Trends?

      4. If you help the Field of Play realize one or more of these Opportunities, what value will it bring them?

Fig. 33, Field of Play's Trends section

To add a Trend:

      1. Click the Add icon to open the Field of Play's Trend section.

      2. Do one of the following:

        • Type the desired Trend text in the Description field and click Done to save and close the section; or, to add another Trend, simply click the Add icon.  

        • If there is a selection list of possible Trends available, click the Repository icon, select a Trend, and click Done.

To delete a Trend:

      1. Click the desired Trend and click the Trash Can icon. A message box appears asking you to confirm the deletion.

      2. Click Yes to delete or No/Cancel to cancel.

To edit an existing Trend:

Click the Trend you want to edit, and place your cursor in the text field and edit as desired.  When complete, click Done.

Initially, you may choose to leave Field of Play Trends or Opportunities blank,  remember to add a Red Flag in the field if left blank or unsure about your choice until such time as a confirmation is made.

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