Entering Picklist Values

You add and update Picklist values for each Sales Access Manager worksheet type using the same procedure.

To enter picklist values:

  1. At the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool Main Menu, click the Reference Data Maintenance link. The Reference Data Maintenance menu appears.

  2. Click the desired <Worksheet>Reference Data link (for example, Blue Sheet Reference Data). The <Worksheet> Reference Data menu appears.

  3. Click the Edit link next to the desired field picklist (for example, Red Flags). The <Picklist name> page appears.

The above figure displays an example of a Blue Sheet with multiple Picklist sets for Red Flags. The Blue Sheet Type column lists the names of the different Blue Sheet types. In this example, the Blue Sheet Types are named B1, B2, and B3. The Default set will display in the event the CRM user does not select a worksheet type in the corresponding CRM record or if no values have been set for the additional Picklist sets.

If the Blue Sheet is not set up for multiple Picklists, the <Picklist> edit page only displays the Default set.

  1. If multi-language is enabled, ensure the language box displays the desired language. If it is not displaying the desired language, use the drop-down list to select a language and click Change. See Localizing Picklist Values.

  2. Click the desired <Worksheet Type> link. The <field name> edit page appears.

  1. Type each Picklist value on its own line in the Edit box (press Enter after typing each picklist value).

The Picklist Edit box allows plain text entry. It does not allow character formatting.

  1. When you have finished adding or updating the values, click Save.

  2. Open the applicable worksheet applet and make sure your changes appear.

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