Deleting Picklist Values

Deleting a picklist value deletes the option from the applicable worksheet <field Suggested Items> dialog box. It does not delete it from a data field in a saved worksheet.

To delete picklist values:

  1. At the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool Main Menu, click the Reference Data Maintenance link. The Reference Data Maintenance menu appears.

  2. Click the desired <Worksheet Reference Data> link (for example, Blue Sheet Reference Data). The <Worksheet Reference Data> menu appears.

  3. Click the Edit link next to the desired field picklist.

  4. Click the Default link or desired <sheet type> link. The Edit page for the picklist appears.

  5. In the Edit box, select the option to be deleted and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Make sure to delete any blank lines between options.

  6. When you have finished deleting any desired values, click Save.

  7. Open the applicable worksheet applet, click the applicable Suggested Items button , and make sure your changes appear in the dialog box.


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