Customizing the Worksheet Headers

You can customize the worksheet headers to incorporate your company's logo image and/or preferred worksheet title and choose the location for each on the header (right, left, or middle).

For example, the following image shows the standard Miller Heiman GroupTM Blue Sheet header:

The following image shows a Blue Sheet header with a custom logo and worksheet title:

To customize the worksheet headers:

  1. In the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool Main Menu, click Advanced Set-up and then click Advanced Options. The Advanced Options page appears.


  1. Click the Enable Custom Logo? checkbox to put a check in it.

To revert to the standard worksheet header at any time, clear the Enable Custom Logo? checkbox and save the page.

  1. Type the desired header text in the applicable worksheet field(s).

  2. Use the drop-down arrows to select the desired header positions for the Miller Heiman GroupTM logo, custom logo, and header text.

If you want to use a custom logo file, upload it to the CRM via the 
Upload Custom Logo option.

  1. Click Save. The message, "Advanced Configuration Details have been saved" appears.

  2. Open a worksheet to verify the changes appear as desired.

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