Completing a Funnel Scorecard®

Completing a Funnel ScoreCard®

When you first open a Funnel ScoreCard® for an opportunity, all toggle buttons are set to Unknown and all scores are set to zero. A Yes response to a question adds the question's weight value to the score. No and Unknown responses do not receive a value.

To complete a Funnel ScoreCard®:

  1. Read a question.

  2. To see more information on a particular question, hover the mouse over the question to display tip text as in the following example.

  3. NOTE:  Tip text only appears if your System Administrator has entered criteria definitions for your organization.

  4. Click the corresponding toggle button until it displays your desired response to the question. The toggle cycles through Unknown, Yes, and No.

  5. Continue answering questions as desired.

  6. When you have finished answering the questions, click Save. The Date of Scoring field displays today's date.

  7. NOTE:  If your organization is also using Blue Sheets, the Funnel ScoreCard® scores may be configured to display in your Blue Sheet.

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