Competition / Sales Funnel

The Competition / Sales Funnel section displays a summary of the Competition Type, Place in the Sales Funnel and Timing For Priorities.

Fig. 11, Competition / Sales Funnel

Competition Type - Multi-Select Pick List of options describing competition for the Single Sales Objective (Buying From Someone Else, Using Budget For Something Else, Using Internal Resource, Doing Nothing).

Click into area for selectable options:

Fig. 11a, Competition / Sales Funnel with options open

Place in Sales Funnel - A drop list of options to select the current position in the Sales Funnel.

1. Universe
Associate identifies business building opportunities that have potential relevancy to the customer and their consumer.

2. Above the Funnel
Associate conducts sales call to identify at least one buying influence in Trouble or Growth Mode relative to the proposed opportunity and its linkage to the customer's problem and solution image.  If the sales call surfaces linkage, the opportunity then becomes a Single Sales Objective.

The focus of a sales call - the product or service you are intending to sell to the customer.  The format for your Single Sales Objective should be:

• The Buying Entity's Name
• The Product or Service you are selling
• The Revenue or other units the sale will generate, and
• The date by which the sale will be closed

3. In the Funnel

The objective is to continually assess our position with the customer and each buying influence in relation to the Single Sales Objective and take action that will ensure that all Red Flags have been removed, or minimized.  Once this has been accomplished to the degree believed necessary, the Associate will share the final presentation or other communication with the Economic Buyer and other appropriate buying influences which fits each buying influences' solution image and requests commitment from the Economic Buyer to the Single Sales Objective.

4. Best Few

Associate has eliminated chance as a probability for success, the single sales objective has a 90% probability of gaining customer commitment, the business will be closed in less than half of the normal sales cycle, and the bases have been covered sufficiently so that you only have "clean-up" selling work left to do.

Timing For Priorities - A drop list of options to select what priority this particular Single Sales Objective is in your overall sales process and sales funnel (Urgent, Active, Work It In, Later). This is considered the "Client's Timing".


Fig. 11b, Timing for Priorities list

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