Company Attendees

Company Attendees

Company Attendees are individuals within your organization that will be attending the sales call, whether over the phone or in person.  

Click the "Add" icon to add a new attendee, or double click on an existing row to open the Company Attendee window.  

Fig. 21, Company Attendees

The Owner of the of the activity will either appear in the first line of company attendees or be available in the drop down list to select, depending on the CRM/SFA system.  A Company Attendee may be searched or selected.  

Note that the search function will only search users within your CRM, instead of Account Contacts as in the Buying Influence section.

Fig. 21a, Company Attendee Search

Search Function - Internal Users

1.  Select the "Search" magnifying glass icon to open the search function.  

2.  Type in the name or a partial name for the contact you wish to search.  Every contact matching your criteria will appear in a scroll menu.  

The more information entered into the Contact Name search, the more the amount of potential contacts in the available list will be reduced.  

The search results return matching Contact Names along with their Title, to make it easier to select the correct individual as a Company Attendee.  

3.  Select the name you wish to populate, and it will automatically be added to the Attendee section, and the search function will close.

Fig. 21b, Search

4.  When you have finished entering or editing the data, select "Done" to save any changes and close the section.  To delete a blank field or remove a contact, select the Trash Can icon to delete.  To add another contact, simply click on the Add icon again.

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