Charter Statement

Charter Statement

Up until now, the data entry and Strategic Account Analysis has been focused on understanding your current situation with the Large Account. The Charter Statement takes you beyond this first step by allowing you to define in general terms where you want to be when the strategy is fully in place and delivery results. In other words, if everything develops the way you intend it to, what will the relationship look like three years out in terms of your two companies' relationship?

The Charter Statement is not the same as a "Goal", which is discussed in the "Goals" section, but a high-level, corporate Large Account strategy. It is tied directly into concrete, relation-based accomplishments that your team wants to make happen in the Large Account, and specifically in your Field of Play.

A good Charter Statement answers four questions:

      1. What's the Field of Play

      2. What value will we bring them?

      3. How will they gain this value?

      4. What will we gain in return?

Fig. 38, Charter Statement section

To enter a Charter Statement:

Do one of the following:

      • Click in the Charter Statement field and type the desired text directly in the field.  Simply click off the section when complete.

      • If there is a selection list of possible Charter Statements available, click the Repository icon, select a Charter Statement, and click Done.

To edit or delete a Charter Statement:

 Click on the text entry field and edit/delete text as appropriate.  Click off the section when complete.

Initially you may choose to leave the Charter Statement field blank. Remember to add a Red Flag in any field left blank or if you are unsure about your choice, until such time as a confirmation is made.

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