Blue Sheet Rating Descriptions

There are two fields in the Blue Sheet that contain selection lists with rating values of +5 to -5:

Ideal Customer Criteria Rating


How Well is Base Covered Rating

You can enter meaningful descriptions for these ratings as desired.

If you are using Funnel ScoreCard®, you do not need to enter descriptions for Ideal Customer Criteria Ratings.

To enter rating descriptions:

  1. At the SAM Admin Tool Main Menu, click the Reference Data Maintenance link and then click the Blue Sheet Reference Data. The Blue Sheet Reference Data menu appears.

  2. Click the desired <Field> Rating Descriptions item. The <Field> Rating Descriptions page appears.

  3. Click in the text box next to the desired rating and type the desired description.

  4. Repeat step 4 for each desired description.

  5. Click Save. The descriptions are saved.

  6. Open a Blue Sheet and verify the descriptions display correctly.


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