Blue Sheet Overview

Strategic Selling® Strategic Analysis

The Blue Sheet is an electronic version of the Strategic Analysis Worksheet you learned how to use in Strategic Selling®. A Blue Sheet is launched from the opportunity record in your CRM.

The Blue Sheet was designed to assist you in managing your opportunities for single sales objectives. It continues the Miller Heiman GroupTM philosophy of interaction with thinking as an easy to use, intuitive user interface, while linking to your organizations' customer relationship/sales force automation contact management system. Real time data interchange with real time results!

Fig. 6, Blue Sheet Overview

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1. Opportunity Details - Displays a summary of the basic opportunity information from your CRM.
2. Single Sales Objective - This shows what the sales objective is, the expected revenue figure and the opportunity close date.
3. Adequacy of Current Position - Enables you to assess how you feel about your probability of success in this opportunity relative to this Single Sales Objective.
4. Competition / Sales Funnel - Displays a summary of the Competition Type, Place in Sales Funnel, and Timing For Priorities.
5. Specify CompetitorsThis shows the known competitors with this opportunity.
6. Ideal Customer Profile - A predictive device to help you determine which customers will be your best prospects and to distinguish them from the ones who will prove to be liabilities.
7. Buying Influences Involved - Directly relates to anyone who has a positive or negative impact on your selling activity.
8. Buying Influence's Key - Win ResultsThis shows the key win results for each buying influence.
9. Buying Influence – How Well Is Base Covered? – Allows you to rate how the buying influence feels about your proposed solution, and provide evidence to support the rating.
10. Summary of My Position Today - Displays a summary of the Strengths and Red Flags.
11. Possible Actions -  Displays a list of all your possible actions.
12. Best Action Plan - Displays a summary of the Possible Actions flagged as Best Actions.
13. Information Needed - Shows additional information that may be needed to help win/understand the opportunity.

When using the Blue Sheet on your mobile device then the responsive view is displayed as:

Toolbar icons are accessed via the three dots icon in the top right.

Fig. 6b, Responsive Blue Sheet mobile view

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