Blue Sheet Mapping

The Blue Sheet Mapping page lets you map the fields from the Blue Sheet applet to the appropriate fields in your CRM system.

To access the Blue Sheet Mapping page:

  • At the Sales Access Manager Admin Tool Main Menu, click Field Mapping and then click Blue Sheet Mapping. The Blue Sheet Mapping page appears.

If you are using the Sales Process Funnel™ tool,
do not map the Blue Sheet Sales Revenue/Units field to a Text field. Although the Sales Revenue/Units field could be mapped to a Text field, Sales Process Funnel™ requires a numeric data type for this field in order to perform certain calculations.

Displaying Funnel ScoreCard® Values in the Blue Sheet

To display the Funnel ScoreCard® values in the Blue Sheet, map the following items as follows in the Blue Sheet Mapping page:

ICC Value Line 1 (N) --> Business Score

ICC Value Line 2 (N) --> Opportunity Score

ICC Value Line 3 (N) --> ScoreCard® Total

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