Best Possible Actions

Best Possible Actions

Best Possible Actions support all the elements under the Situation Appraisal and analysis segments of the Channel Partner Management process including the realization of your Revenue Targets.  Each Action, therefore, would support all these elements, but every reasonable Action must support at least one.  You should also make sure that you assign at least one Action to mitigate the effect of every Red Flag - that is, elements in your analysis that you consider uncertain.  Depending on severity, such elements may require more than one Action.

Fig. 63, Best Possible Actions section

The Best Actions section of the Platinum Sheet displays any actions within the Action Plan and Possible Actions sections that have a Best Action value of 30, 60, or 90 days.

If you have implemented Green Sheets in your SAM installation, a Green Sheet icon appears next to a Best Action when the Platinum Sheet is saved. Clicking this icon launches the Green Sheet for that Action.

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