Best Actions

Best Actions

Best Actions support all the elements under the Situational Appraisal and analysis segments of the LAMP process including your position on the Buy-Sell Hierarchy to the realization of your Revenue Targets.  Each Action, therefore, would support all these elements, but every reasonable Action must support at least one.  You should also make sure that you assign at least one Action to mitigate the effect of every Red Flag - that is, elements in your analysis that you consider wear or uncertain.  Depending on severity, such elements may require more than one Action.

Fig. 45, Best Actions section, collapsed

Consider the following when determining which actions are Best Actions:

  • Which Strategic Player or Players will this Action impact positively? In what way will he or she be affected?
  • Will this Action have a positive impact on how the Field of Play perceives a current or emerging Trend?
  • Will the Action help them capitalize on an Opportunity?  Which one, and how will it do so?
  • Does this Action play from at least one of our strategic Strengths?  If so, will it be clear to the Field of Play that this is so?  If not, will the Action at least serve to offset our Vulnerability?  Will that be clear to the Field of Play?
  • Does this Action follow logically from one or more of our decisions about Focus Investment and Stop Investment?
  • Will it serve to reinforce the perceived value of one or more of our Sales and Support Programs?
  • Is it likely to further the realization of a Single Sales Objective or multiple Single Sales Objectives?  Can we quantify what it is likely to contribute to our Revenue Targets?

Identifying Actions that meet all of these points may not be possible, however, the better an Action measures up against these questions, the more likely it is to help you achieve your Goals.  Also be aware, that some of the Actions may require complementary or enabling Actions by Individuals in your Large Account, for example your Sponsor.

The Best Actions section of the Gold Sheet displays any actions within the Goal section and any actions with the Additional Actions section that have been designated Best Actions.

If you have implemented Green Sheets in your SAM installation, a Green Sheet icon appears next to a Best Action when the Gold Sheet is saved. Clicking this icon launches the Green Sheet for that Action.

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