Admin FAQ

Admin FAQ

How do I add a new user to SAM?
Add the user to your CRM according to your company's add new user process. If you are using your CRM to maintain user licenses, allocate the SAM license(s) on the applicable User Profile record.  If you are using the SAM Admin Tool to maintain user licenses, do the following:

In the SAM Admin Tool, execute Refresh User List and then allocate the license in the User Maintenance page.


Why can't I see System Monitor, iPad Configuration, or other menu options mentioned in the online help?

The Administrator menu options that you see are specific to the CRM you are using. Not all menu options apply to all CRM systems.


Why isn't the Sales Process Funnel™ tool displaying any data?

Check Blue Sheet Mapping and check the data type of the CRM field you have mapped to the Sales Revenue/Units field. The Sales Revenue/Units field must be mapped to a numeric data type field in order for Sales Process Funnel™ to perform certain calculations.

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