Additional Actions

Additional Actions

Actions of all sorts can arise through the Strategic Analysis process. Each item needs to be address and assigned to ensure anything associated with the Account Relationship that has a task, a phone call, or some other item internally or with the client is also noted and set within the Additional Actions section that may not be specifically related to a Goal. However, these activities should concretely and specifically support the strategy elements that your team has worked with in the Situation Appraisal and analysis segments of the LAMP process - everything from your position on the Buy-Sell Hierarchy to the realization of your Revenue Targets.

Consider the following questions when determining Additional Actions:

  • Is it likely to further the realization of one or more Single Sales Objectives?
  • What would be a way to quantify to contribute to our Revenue Targets?
  • If we were about to loose the account, what defense in a form of an activity would we take?
  • What activities could we pursue to position us higher up on the Buy-Sell Hierarchy?
  • How can we improve the account's own productivity?
  • What actions can we undertake that will have a positive impact on the customer's profit?

Fig. 48, Additional Actions section

To add an Activity:

1.  Click the Additional Actions header to access the Add icon or the Repository icon.

2.  Click the Add icon to open the Activity section.

Fig. 48a, Additional Actions section, open

The following are descriptions of the fields in this section:

Description - the text description of the Activity.  Type directly into the text field.

Contact - an Account contact who may have input on the Activity. Use the Search tool to select your contact.

When - the date the Activity was created.  Use the calendar tool to change the date as needed.

Assigned To - the person within your organization that will be responsible for the Activity.  Use the Search tool to select the assignee.

Completed - the date the Activity was completed.  User the calendar tool to enter and save the date.

Status - the status of the Activity. The values of this field may vary according to your SAM installation.  Selct the radio button corresponding to the desired Status.

Type - the priority of the Activity. The values of this field may vary according to your SAM installation.  Select the radio button corresponding to the desired Type.

Best Action - whether or not to include the Activity in Best Actions.  Check the box to include this activity as a Best Action.

    1. Type a description of the Activity in the Description field.

    2. To assign a Contact, click the Search icon in the Contact field and do one of the following:

      • If the desired name appears in the list, select the name and proceed to step 7.

      • If the desired name does not appear in the drop down list, select the Search tab and proceed to step 5.

    1. Type the desired search criteria in the First Name, Last Name, or Account field and click Go.

    2. From the list of items that match the search criteria, select the desired contact to populate the contact field.

    3. Complete the other fields as desired.

    4. When you have completed entering the desired data, click Done to save and close the dialog or click the Add icon again to add another Activity.

To edit an existing Additional Activity:

In the Activity section,click in the entry and edit the text inline.  Click Done when you have completed your edits.

To delete an Additional Activity:

      1. In the Activity section, click the desired Additional Activity and click the Trash Can icon. A message box appears asking you to confirm the deletion.

      2. Click Yes to delete or No/Cancel to cancel.

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