Adding Contact Data

Adding Contacts from the Blue Sheet

If you already have added Buying Influences to the Blue Sheet and saved the worksheet, the contact boxes display similar to the following example the first time you open the Relationship Maps tool:

Fig. 66, Contact boxes upon opening of Relationship Map

Whenever you add a Buying Influence in the Blue Sheet for the associated opportunity, that contact appears in the display the next time you open the Relationship Map tool.

To add Contacts to Relationship Maps from the Blue Sheet:

  1. Open the Blue Sheet for the desired Opportunity.

  2. Add the desired Buying Influences.

  3. Save the Blue Sheet.

  4. Click the Relationship Maps link from the applicable opportunity record. Relationship Maps displays the contact box(es) using the information entered in the Blue Sheet.


Adding a Contact Box to the Map

When you add a contact to Relationship Maps and save the map, the contact is also added to the Buying Influences section of the associated Blue Sheet.

To add a Contact box to the map:

1.  Click the Add Contact button.

2.  The Add Contact window appears.

Fig. 66a, Add Contact window

3.  Use the Search tool to select a contact.

4.  Complete the Buying Influence Role, Degree of Influence and Mode by selecting the corresponding radio button.

5.  Complete the Key Win Result, Rating and Evidence to Support Your Rating by entering text directly into each text field.

6.  To upload an image for this contact, click on Choose File.  Browse to the location of the image on your computer, and select the image file name and click Open.  You will see the file name appear next to the Choose File button.  Click Upload Image to upload the image to your map.

7.  Click Done when you are finished entering data.

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