Adding a New Worksheet to your CRM

Depending on your CRM, all three worksheets and their appropriate fields and applet information or text links may have been installed automatically during your initial implementation.  If you want to license a new worksheet, it is simply a matter of mapping and applying the web applet or text link to your organization CRM instance.

In most situations if you are an existing client, your Customer Success Manager will request access to your implementation to verify if the information was originally created.  Clients that have used Sales Access Manager Services for 2-3 years may require this service.  If information is not set up within your environment, it is considered a new implementation and our team will set up the new worksheet(s) for you to ensure the sheets are operating properly.

Alternatively, if you prefer to set up worksheets by yourself, please contact our support group for the appropriate integration document and licensing information.  These very depending on the CRM system

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